The Eastern African countries provide the best game viewing to be found on this incredible and diverse continent. With such variety in habitats, topography, altitude and climate wherever you travel you will see different and varied wildlife.

From the misty hilltops of the Virunga mountains in Rwanda where you can have the chance view the endangered mountain gorillas to the Okavango Delta in Botswana with it’s crystal clear water and incredible birdlife to the huge variation of game in the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya.

"...The game viewing surpassed all our expectations, seeing the Big Five in the space of two hours was phenomenal. To top it all off, there was a herd of elephant refreshing themselves at the waterhole in front of the lodge, when we returned for breakfast...." - Greg and Katie, USA

"...Within our first 4 hours we saw the big five – lions only 50 yards away from a gorgeous leopard, hundreds of elephant, buffalo, and both black and white rhino.
As if that wasn’t enough we came within feet of the famous cheetah brothers taking a nap under a tree.
Our last day, we woke early for an incredible bi plane ride. … beautiful valleys with cliffs on both side and waterfalls below.
We saw lush forest and on the beautiful plains were buffalo, rhino, giraffe and elephants from as close as 50 feet below.
Returning for an hours hike we learnt about the local plants and their uses as well as many insects (our favorite being the Stitch Ant).
Game – yes more game – elephant, rhino, buffalo, 2 female kudu and rarely sighted wild dog.
A blissful bush breakfast and on the way back to camp the three cheetah brothers walking slowly though the tall grass, clearly on a mission.
We followed them as they stalked a baby impala – it took them 28 minutes to completely polish it off and clean each others faces.
Back to the lodge for a wonderful lunch and nap we woke for our final game drive. Without expecting another adventure so soon we stumbled on 5 lion
waking up from their afternoon sleep and followed them for an hour and a half as they stalked a group of zebra. Truly amazing to see them strut through the bush.
We arrived home content and happy as darkness fell to be greeted by 3 more lion right behind our tent! Truly amazing to see so many lion, so close in one day.
Thank you so much for the amazing adventure.
Kip and Legai were absolutely incredible guides and we had such fun hearing their stories of growing up in the bush and laughing at each other’s jokes.
We look forward to returning in the years to come!..."
- D and H on honeymoon, USA