Willie and his son Richard both own and run Roberts Safaris and will plan your bespoke itinerary from start to finish.

Willie was born in Kenya and has over thirty years experience of leading and organizing personal and exclusive safaris. He grew up on the shores of Lake Baringo with his six siblings where he nurtured his conservation and community vision. Willie has built and managed camps in the Maasai Mara, Lake Baringo, Rusinga Island at Lake Victoria, and the Lewa Conservancy.

He is an expert naturalist and has personally been involved in conservation initiatives in northern Kenya, as well as in the Mara with the local Maasai. He established the Mara Conservancy in what is known as the Mara triangle and his community run anti-poaching patrols have become a blueprint for future conservation models. He is an expert ornithologist and is renowned for his bush walks and game drives. Willie looks forward to sharing with you some of his first hand knowledge and unique experiences of his favourite places in East Africa.

Richard was also born in Kenya and moved to the Maasai Mara when he was three. Following in his fathers footsteps he has continued the conservation vision in the Mara and has represented the Maasai and their right to collect wildlife based revenue from their land. Richard works closely with the local communities to help them understand the importance and value of conserving the local wildlife – and how critical wildlife is for their sustainable development.

Richard is also an expert naturalist and having run his own camp in the Mara for twelve years has intimate knowledge of the local flora and fauna. He will regale you with stories around the camp fire and the African night will be punctuated with the unforgettable sound of the Roberts laugh.

"...To see so many endangered animals in one ecosystem was a very moving experience. And it makes you think about the fragility of our planet and the real threat of extinction that some of these animals face. But to see the hard work and passion of all the staff who work at Lewa has given us faith that their conservation efforts will not be in vain and that animals like the Black rhino and Grevy zebra will be around for future generations to see..." - Susan and Christopher, UK