Through our private charter company, Tropic Air, which is owned and operated by Willie’s brother Jamie Roberts, you will have access to an exclusive fleet of private charter aircraft.

Ranging in size from the small three seater Cesna 182 to the Cesna 208 which can seat fourteen. We have three Squirrel Helicopters that can each take five passengers and are ideally suited to high altitudes and warm weather. It is the same model that landed on the summit of Mount Everest! Flying by helicopter gives you huge versatility and you will have the opportunity to land in some of the remotest and most tranquil spots in East Africa.

You can also enjoy the allure of the early days of aviation, when Karen Blixen and Denys Finch-Hatton flew over Kenya, by taking a scenic flight through the beautiful landscape in a brand new Waco biplane. Based on the original model of the 1920’s and 30’s, the plane has room for two passengers to sit side by side for a nostalgic, once-in-a-lifetime flying experience and if you prefer to travel by road we have three new long wheel based Landrovers so you will travel in comfort and safety.

"...To see so many endangered animals in one ecosystem was a very moving experience. And it makes you think about the fragility of our planet and the real threat of extinction that some of these animals face. But to see the hard work and passion of all the staff who work at Lewa has given us faith that their conservation efforts will not be in vain and that animals like the Black rhino and Grevy zebra will be around for future generations to see..." - Susan and Christopher, UK