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With Roberts Safaris you can experience the incredible diversity and natural beauty of Kenya and Eastern Africa whilst enjoying exceptional exclusivity and luxury.

With snow capped mountains, islands in the Indian Ocean, deserts, volcanic lakes, lush tropical forests, open savannahs - and hundreds of different mammals, birds and plant life in their awe-inspiring natural habitats - this is a land with so much to explore. We can also take you off the beaten track with our unique mobile camp to enjoy the solitude and beauty of remote destinations with fascinating tribal cultures and rarely seen wildlife phenomena.

With the experience of three generations of the Roberts family organising safaris, we have the expertise to plan your bespoke trip from start to finish and turn it into a journey of a lifetime.

"Thank you all for so many incredible memories from our breathtaking safari...

The flight through the painted valley with spectacular colours, s
liding down huge sand dunes on our tummies, landing on the shores of the remote Lake Turkana, fishing for huge tilapia, the most exciting walking safari ever, lunch on one of the Mathews peaks with breathtaking views, thinking these experiences couldn’t be beaten the next morning being flown around the summit of Mount Kenya which was covered in snow and landing next to Lake Michelson and catching
ten rainbow trout was a truly moving experience.
All this combined with the sheer luxury and hospitality at the camp! Nothing was ever too much trouble we all felt like part of the family.
" Stuart and Janey, UK